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Black Leather Bifold Wallet: Black Bear
Black Leather Bifold Wallet: Black Bear

Black Bifold Leather Wallet

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Made from vegetable tanned leather. This leather is made using organic tree bark vegetable tannins, combined with organic cowhide.

The outer panel of this wallet is folded over itself. This increases thickness, but it provides a full, finished and durable feel to the finished wallet.

Each piece of leather, 9 pieces in all, is individually measured and cut. Then we score and punch the edges. Then we are able to hand sew the wallet. Slowly, stitch by stitch, the wallet comes together  We then use a heavy mallet to work out any stiffness that remains in the layers of leather. Finally we we hand bevel, hand burnish and hand dye the sides. 

The resulting wallet is thin, soft, durable, and timeless. It contains a unique combination of characteristics being finely tailored, while retaining its hand crafted charms.