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Michael Introduces Black Bear Lights! (February 2019)

In February 2019, Facebook's Washington DC office invited Black Bear Leather to setup a small popup shop in their DC office for a Valentine's Day event. After a fun day of meeting Facebook's great staff and selling Black Bear's wares, Michael Glick, owner and head maker, was invited to film a Facebook Live segment at the onsite Facebook Live Studio.

In this Live filming, Michael discusses the history of Black Bear and the exciting future. He introduces the launch of a brand new venture for the Black Bear brand, Black Bear Lights.


Kickstarter Campaign Video (Summer 2018)

In the Summer of 2018, we launched a Kickstarter campaign for Black Bear Leather. We introduced a brand new line of bags. The campaign was very successful in relation to our goals. Black Bear Leather's Kickstarter campaign raised over $16,000. This is our campaign video.



Introducing Black Bear Leather, with Ellicott and Co (Fall 2015)

In 2015, Michael was a just getting off the ground as a professional leather crafter. He teamed up with a brand new local retailer, Ellicott and Co, to start selling his creations. To introduce his leather goods and their brand, Ellicott and Co created this great video about Black Bear Leather and the Black Bear story.