Brick and Mortar

There is nothing that compares to picking up and feeling a leather product with your own hands..

A picture can say a lot. But the rich softness of a leather wallet, the classic aroma of vegetable tanned leather, the fine hand crafted detailing with each edge and stitch: Simply put, these things can not be translated digitally. They must be felt and experienced. 

If you are in the region, we encourage you to stop by any one of the locations where Black Bear Leather wares are available. 

We also love to travel and meet new folks. So, we often find ourselves setting up shop as a vendor at regional pop up markets and exciting events. Be sure to sign up for our email updates to stay up to date on our travels. 



 Coming September 2017: Building Character. Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We have decided to open a second workshop and retail location in one of the coolest locations in Lancaster City. Needless to say, we are stoked. Come check our new workshop and retail setup inside of Building Character on the 300 Block of North Queen Street. 

Building Character, 300 Block N Queen Street, Lancaster PA

342 N Queen Street

Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17603

Mon-Sat 10am-6pm

Sunday 12pm-5pm

Smucker Village. Intercourse, Pennsylvania. Come see us making. Ask questions. Learn more about leather and leather crafting. Plus, see an ever growing variety of our products that you won't find anywhere else. (We love trying out new concepts and designs. And we will usually prototype and experiment for quite a few months before we add a product to our lineup). So, yes, come visit our workshop and retail store space!

Black Bear Leather. Workshop.

3526 Old Philadelphia Pike. Intercourse, Pa 17534

Tues - Sat 12p-6p


Eastern Market. Washington DC. At the crack of dawn, every Sunday, we pack up the Subaru full of our latest Black Bear Leather creations and we head south to the iconic Eastern Market on DC's Capitol Hill. 

225 7th St, SE. Washington DC 20003

Sun 10a - 6p


Ellicott and Co. Downtown Lancaster. Be sure to stop by their beautiful store in Downtown Lancaster. Here you will find a selection of American brands, alongside the finest colletion of Black Bear Leather wares. As our first retail partner, we continue to co brand each of our Black Bear Leather products that we lovingly craft for their store. 

Ellicott and Co. Black Bear Leather. Downtown Lancaster.

45 N Market St. Lancaster Pa 17563

Tues - Sat 10a - 6p