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Leather Coaster: Compass Rose
Leather Coaster: Compass Rose

Leather Coaster: Compass Rose

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3.5" in Diameter. Never lose your sense of direction. This coaster is cut from one thick piece of American made, full grain, vegetable tanned leather.

The Compass Rose is laser engraved on the leather. Lasers are fun. 

Also, our leather is made to withstand the elements, including the bottom of your glass. Staining can occur. If this happens, feel free to dip a small towel in warm water to wash out some of the foreign substances, ie your overflowing whiskey. Just be sure to let the leather dry flat. Afterwards, you may still have a slight stain on the leather, but that's all part of the character.

Occasionally, it is also healthy to condition the leather. You can use any leather conditioner or a neatsfoot oil. 

Otherwise, feel free to sit back and enjoy drinking your Makers on the rocks, while using some of the "coolest coasters I have ever seen." (real quote from a coaster customer)