Pandemic Sale: 20% Off Select Inventory

Hello There :)

We had truly hoped that the world would be much closer to normal by this point in 2020. But alas... 

But hey, if you find something you like here at Black Bear, if you feel like you are financially in a place where you could make a purchase, your support will be very helpful to allow us to survive this craziness.

if you don’t find anything you like here, there are many makers like myself who can definitely use your support as well. And I’d encourage you to seek them out and purchase from them. 

These are crazy times. And I am glad that you’ve taken the time to visit us here online, while the world is still pretty much locked down. 

Stay well my friends.!



Featured collection

Mindful Making

"Good craftsmanship requires mindful concentration. When making with leather, each cut and each stitch must be purposeful. A single slip can cost hours of work.

In the end, the depth of this concentration will be felt in each finished piece."

-J. Michael Glick (Owner and Head Maker)